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‘Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Music Education’

The Musicland Approach enables each and every child discover their innate musical ability


With the belief that everyone has the ability to make music, Musicland takes a holistic approach to learning, incorporating elements of listening, relaxation, movement, rhythm, pitch, theory through composition and instrumental training. Inspiration and learning are encouraged through creativity, play, fun, games and performance.

We believe that children learn best when they don’t realise that they are learning. Musicland uses characters, games and songs to teach very young children to recognise rhythm and notes subconsciously, so when they are ready to play an instrument they are off to a flying start.

It is widely known that music trains the mind and body; that music stimulates and encourages the intellectual, social and creative development of children.

Children (and adults too, in fact) are able to ‘grow with music’. So the curriculum runs from babies to eighteen year olds, with adult beginners encouraged to partake as well. You are never too young or too old.


We believe that music has the power to change lives and cross cultural divides, so the aim is to make music become a part of every person’s life, particularly children. Our goal is to encourage and support music in schools and communities throughout the UK,with an emphasis on helping children use music to move out of deprivation and discover talents and skills that otherwise may have lain dormant.


The Musicland approach was developed by Caroline Lumsden, one of the UK’s leading music educators. For 30 years, Caroline has been teaching children and training teachers at both the Gloucester Academy and Trinity College of Music (London). She has published numerous music books and is in demand for teacher training and conferences around the world.

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