About Classes

Very young children are often shy to respond to adults but will respond to characters and their imaginative and humorous exploration of the world of music.

Music Classes for 0-2 Years


The first stage in our course of classes, this session is open for babies from birth to three!

Babybugs offers a welcoming environment in which to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Musicland and its ‘note’ characters. As children make friends with the characters they learn which note belongs to which character and the sound it makes. This is the first stage of note recognition.

Our fun songs and musical games are specifically chosen to encourage close bonding between mother/father/carer and child, and to maintain and develop a very young childs’ inate rhythmic awareness; both essential elements for successful language learning.

The first stage of pitch training is introduced through hand signs; all incorporated into fun and games so your children are learning subconsciously.

The songs used in the class have been written specifically to enhance language development, including numbers, colours, animals and much more.

Music Classes for 2-5 Years

Colourful ScutterBug characters and lots of fun and games provide your child with a creative and exciting environment  to learn to read rhythms and notes and basic music skills as naturally as they learned to speak.
  • Action Songs
  • Sing and Sign
  • Rhymes and Rhythm
  • Move and Shake
  • Create and Play

Musicland Classes give children a head start, preparing them for playing an instrument as well as supporting all areas of the early years curriculum.

They will develop a love and understanding of music while gaining in confidence, social skills and cooperation.
We instil in children a love and understanding of music from an early age.
This is the second stage of the Musicland Curriculum.

Singing and Rhythm for 5-7 Years

A wonderful class for children to get a head start with their musical education!

Highly recommended for those starting to play an instrument, or simply wishing to learn invaluable musical skills – these fun and energetic sessions offer the opportunity to learn to read notated rhythms and to develop a musical ear with solfege pitch training.

Rhythm and coordination is taught through movement games.

As with all Musicland classes, this is done through catchy songs and thoughtful activities, enabling children to quickly access real theoretical and practical music knowledge.


Rhythm and Strings Curriculum

There is a complete string curriculum taking children from beginner, String Starters to Grade 5, String Sprinters.

From Grade 6 to 8, there are masterclasses, ensemble playing, fun technique classes and chamber music groups, supported by the highly acclaimed Carducci Quartet, two of whom studied at the Gloucester Academy.

String Starters

5 Years upwards

A fantastic chance to learn to play the violin or ‘cello for complete beginners!

Learn to play using rhymes and rhythms from Musicland. Fun classes that introduce beginners to their instrument, through singing, signing and playing.

This is a two-term course which will cover not only learning to hold and play their instrument, but also encourage lots of creative thinking and imagination through playing their violin or ‘cello.

Lessons are in a group, and open for children age 5 and above.

Followed by:

String Movers

6 Years upwards

String Shakers

7 Years upwards

String Runners

8 Years upwards

String Sprinters

9 Years upwards

Note: The ages are approximate; classes will also be determined by ability

All classes taught by highly experienced music or nursery teachers who have all undergone the Musicland Training and are CRB checked.