Early Years Music Teacher Training

with Caroline Lumsden

New courses planned for 2014

Please add you name if interested in a Musicland teacher training weekend to be held at Gloucester/Cheltenham in April or May, state preference and weekends you are available.

You don’t need to be a music specialist to teach music in the early years. Develop your skills and see how music learning will transform your children.

The music skills that children learn with the Musicland approach will benefit and support every area of their life and learning: Language, maths and numbers, social skills, confidence building, creative and imaginative learning.

What you’ll learn

The courses cover methods to teach singing, rhythm and note reading using fun and games, Musicland characters and original music especially written by Caroline. The songs support the national curriculum covering language, numbers, animals, colours, actions and more.

Course 1:  Nursery Teachers       5 Weeks     9am-10.30am

Course 2:  Reception Teachers    5 Weeks    10.45am-12.15pm

Course Outline

40 minute session working with Nursery/Reception class followed by 45 mins of notes and discussion

Course 1

  • singing through pitch signing and action songs
  • rhythm through clapping, movement games and Musicland characters
  • pre-note reading skills through work with Musicland characters.

Course 2

  • singing through pitch signing, action songs and rounds
  • rhythm through clapping, movement games, Musicland characters and visual rhythm recognition
  • note reading skills through work with Musicland characters

Maximum 10 teachers per class so early booking is essential

COST: £195 including Course and Teaching materials:

  • A set of 3 Language through Music Books including teaching CDs
  • Musicland Rhythm Cards, Sets 1 and 2
  • A set of 8 Note character cards
  • Musicland Note Chart
  • Lesson Plans for 1 year
  • Course Notes

There will be ongoing assessment and teachers will be expected to do 1-2 hours of self learning/preparation each week

A Musicland certificate will be awarded on completion of the course